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the story

Where We Come From

Four friends came out of film school and, instead of doing what they love, were forced to work as waiters and bartenders.

Tired of the difficult process of finding film work, they decided to change the game. To revolutionize the world of video creation.

Veed.me was born.

What is a video production marketplace?

A place that would make it easier not only for filmmakers and videographers like us to find work, but also for businesses to gain access to video production services at affordable prices.

An online platform, connecting businesses with a screened community of reliable and talented videographers. All of which already have proven experience in high standard video productions for various brands and corporations.

The mission: Become the biggest video production marketplace

There will no longer be room for mediocre works.

We are not only creating a platform but a world in which only the best ideas come to fruition.

The time for being inside the box, or rather the frame, has passed. Veed.me is paving the path.

The need for video is becoming ever-present.

Keep up.

-The Veed.me team

Our clients

Veed.me makes it as easy as a few clicks for everyone and anyone, from mom-and-pop shops to large corporations, to request high quality and professional videos.

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