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What kind of video??

Every video has a purpose. Choose yours.

Creative Commercial

An out of the box video for your company, mostly for branding purposes and engaging customers.
Suggested length: 15-60 seconds Playicon


A video that explains what your product/app does or how it works, usually using screenshots or voiceover.
Suggested length: 15-90 seconds Playicon

Crowd Funding

Get Funded! Kickstarter, Indiegogo and similar platforms video.
Suggested length: 60-120 seconds Playicon


A satisfied customer, a happy employee or a proud executive. Have them talk about their experience. Spread the word.
Suggested length: 60-120 seconds Playicon

Micro Ad

15 seconds videos - super short, great for Facebook Ads, Youtube prerolls, teasers.
Suggested length: 15 seconds Playicon

Music Video

Anything can happen here :) Let the creators go wild with their imaginations, locations and dreams.
Suggested length: 3 < minutes Playicon
Choosing the kind of video you need will help us better understand which creators will be best for you. Please choose one.

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